Friday, October 14, 2011

Intergenerational program

It is that time of year again. Our children have returned to school, gardens are winding down and we begin to move forward to our winter schedules "Friday  Night Football" is back in session. We start cooking favorite comfort foods and think about getting wood for the fireplace. It is not winter yet but the rituals have begun.
When we see the yellow school bus traveling down local streets we know that it is time to begin planning our intergeneral program with the Parma City School District. Intergenerational programs have been a part of our resident activities for many years.
Intergenerational programs are designed to bring together elderly residents living in our nursing home with children in our local schools to learn more about each other and gain insight into the values and lifestyles of each generation.
Pleasantview Care Center has partnered with the Pleasantview Elementary School located down the road on Malibu. For the past three years we have adopted two second grade classes at the school. Each month planned activities are scheduled to promote learning, compassion, sharing and understanding. It is heartwarming to know that such young children can remember our residents and treat them with such engaging enthusiasm at each visit.
Students in the Nursing Assistant Program at Normandy High School  have completed part of their clinical training here at Pleasantview. This has been a beneficial educational opportunity for the students and an enhancement of quality services for our residents.
Also, located at Normandy High School is the "Sword and Shield" Restaurant. This is a wonderful place for our residents to go for an "out to lunch" outing at a reasonable cost. In addition, cosmetology services are available for a fee and are made available to our residents.
Our residents enjoy these interactions with the students of the Parma Schools and the students feel the same about our residents!

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