Saturday, October 29, 2011

Special Invitation

Legacy Place Parma invites you to attend a workshop presented by Annuity and Estate Planning Concepts, LLC who will discuss the following topics:
  • How to reduce or eliminate taxes on your social security
  • How to invest without market risk
  • 3 ways you can pass your IRA to your family
  • How to protect your assets from Medicaid spend down
  • 5 important legal documents everyone should have
  • How you might qualify for veterans benefits


When: November 29, 2011 at six o'clock PM
Where: Legacy Place Parma
             7377 Ridge Road
             Parma Ohio

PLEASE NOTE: that these presentations are always full. Seating is limited and reservations will be on a "first come first served" basis




Friday, October 14, 2011

Intergenerational program

It is that time of year again. Our children have returned to school, gardens are winding down and we begin to move forward to our winter schedules "Friday  Night Football" is back in session. We start cooking favorite comfort foods and think about getting wood for the fireplace. It is not winter yet but the rituals have begun.
When we see the yellow school bus traveling down local streets we know that it is time to begin planning our intergeneral program with the Parma City School District. Intergenerational programs have been a part of our resident activities for many years.
Intergenerational programs are designed to bring together elderly residents living in our nursing home with children in our local schools to learn more about each other and gain insight into the values and lifestyles of each generation.
Pleasantview Care Center has partnered with the Pleasantview Elementary School located down the road on Malibu. For the past three years we have adopted two second grade classes at the school. Each month planned activities are scheduled to promote learning, compassion, sharing and understanding. It is heartwarming to know that such young children can remember our residents and treat them with such engaging enthusiasm at each visit.
Students in the Nursing Assistant Program at Normandy High School  have completed part of their clinical training here at Pleasantview. This has been a beneficial educational opportunity for the students and an enhancement of quality services for our residents.
Also, located at Normandy High School is the "Sword and Shield" Restaurant. This is a wonderful place for our residents to go for an "out to lunch" outing at a reasonable cost. In addition, cosmetology services are available for a fee and are made available to our residents.
Our residents enjoy these interactions with the students of the Parma Schools and the students feel the same about our residents!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

employee profile

My name is Carol Bialoskurski and I have been with Pleasantview Care Center/Legacy Place Parma for four years now. My current title is "Resident Services Coordinator" I have many functions here at Legacy Place assisted living. Some of my duties include touring prospective residents and their family, admissions,activities and general liason between families, residents and staff. There are many aspects of my job that I especially enjoy.I really enjoy interacting with the residents--they are like family to me. Also I like the fact that it is a fun atmosphere with many activites and social events . The staff here is great. They are very dedicated and caring.It is nice to work in a place where your co-workers are your friends as well. Being an animal lover it is wonderful to work in a place that is animal friendly. Some of our residents even have their own pets here and I enjoy helping them care for their pet. All in all it is a very gratifying experience to come to work each day.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pleasantview activities

The Cleveland Zoo
We have a variety of fun activities for our residents to enjoy. We have outings on our special bus that can accommodate wheelchairs.. Among the destinations  we have been this month are favorite restaurants, scenic rides. a picnic at Huntington Beach in Bay Village, the zoo, and shopping trips. On Mondays we do free manicures which is always popular.Exercise is also something our residents enjoy daily. We have entertainment several times each month, Elvis especially is a favorite There are weekly church services on Sundays. Celebrating every holiday is something  both the residents and staff enjoy..Of course there is the usual  bingo, table games, arts and crafts and much much more. Stop in for a tour and see our activity calender.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

safety for older adults

As people age there is often concern about safety.  Here are some tips that might be helpful.

 (1) Before a crises occurs talk to the older adult about his or her hopes and fears about aging. Discuss the various levels of care available should a person need assistance such as assisted living, moving in with a child or hiring in home care. 
 (2) Get outside help if needed. A family conference or several conferences gives everyone a chance to share their ideas and worries and develop a plan.

 (3) Put the paperwork in place.  Important documents  should be completed before memory or health problems becomes an issue.Paperwork such as Advanced directives which  include a  Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare. They specify  what the older person's wishes are regarding end of life decisions and whom the older adult would like to have as  a spokesperson in the event the elderly person can no longer speak for himself.

 (4) Rule out any physical  reasons. Schedule an appointment with the person's primary care provider or geriatric specialist to have an examination. If the examination rules out any medical conditions consider consulting a social worker or agency that specializes in working with the elderly.

 (5) See for yourself how the person is living. People with memory or judgement problems may not be aware that they are, in fact, having problems.  Check for things such as is the person taking medications as prescribed?  Is the  food in the refigerator outdated ?  Is the person eating nutritous meals?

(6) Be aware of who is helping . It might be a kindly neighbor, a former caregiver, or a family member. However there are individuals who give the appearance of establishing a caring relationship with the older adult to exploit them The predator may gradually assume complete control over an elderly person's life, including bank accounts and legal documents such as Power of Attorney. The older adult actually may begin to see these predators as their protectors, and may even turn against their own family members. Situations like this can sometimes require contacting Adult Protective Services.

 (7) Do what is right. Intervening on an older person's behalf can be difficult. However, when an older person's judgement is impaired you must intervene to ensure safety even without his or her blessing. If you care about them you need to keep them safe and it is best to do it before the situation becomes urgent.

Legacy Place activities

Having a great time at the ballpark
Our residents love the variety of activities available at Legacy Place.We have some form of entertainment each week such as singers, sing alongs, dancers etc.We also have exercise programs every day after breakfast and our residents love it. Every week our bus takes our residents on a shopping trip, or to a favorite restaurant, or to watch the Indians play, or on a scienic ride. Of course there are the usual activities of bingo , movies, tabletop bowling ,yoga, arts and crafts and much more.  People can be as active as they desire. We also have  rosary and communion each week . Come in for a tour and see all we have to offer.